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Palazzo Comunale

(the municipal building)

You are in Piazza Europa, a short walk from Camparia and piazza Madrice. The Town Hall is a building dated back to the nineteenth century and the middle of the square you can admire the monument of Ignazio Florio.

Ignazio Florio is important to the island because he had the idea to transform the tuna fishing system into a real industry: he bought the small existing plant and expanded it. He added to the tuna fishing nets (which culminated in the "Mattanza") the processing and storage of canned tuna with oil (before it was preserved in salt), and finally took charge of the expedition in a bigger commercial context, transforming the island and its people. Favignana quickly became one of the most important industrial sites of the 1800 Sicily, a true symbol of excellence.

The Florio family was an italian family with industrial tradition and starred in the period of the so-called Belle époque. Native from Bagnara Calabra, they moved to Palermo after the earthquake of 1783. The Florios bought the Egadi Islands and their tuna fishery in 1874 from Pallavicino family, who bought them two centuries before from the Spanish monarchs. The commercial activities of the Florio family ranged from the production of wine (including Marsala, the famous fortified wine) to the cultivation and processing of cotton and tobacco; from shipping to the management of postal services, to the industry and the activities linked to the tuna fishing, which was the flagship of Favignana.

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